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Learning through Play: How Lego Employees are Volunteering Their Time with EasyPeasy to Support Children’s School Readiness

In a first workshop of its kind, we set Lego employees a ‘Create Challenge’ using the content creation functionality within the EasyPeasy app to generate activity ideas to support key school readiness skills for young children.

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Will Barritt

Community First: the story behind the Stone Soup Group

One of the first EasyPeasy Parent Meetup groups, the Stone Soup Group share their insights, success, and how you can easily start your own parent meetup

Steph Coleman

EasyPeasy joins PIF TICK – the quality mark for trusted health information

We’re proud to share that EasyPeasy is joining the PIF TICK scheme to become a ‘trusted information creator’.

Jen Lexmond

EasyPeasy Pods are now live on the ChangeX platform!

EasyPeasy Pods offers the opportunity and funding for real life, local groups of parents and carers to come together to support and share with each other, with the aim of bringing about happier, more connected and playful parents.

Ash Davies

Easily find content that’s relevant to you on the EasyPeasy app

We’ve been working on designing and building a useful ‘search’ feature into the app to make sure that our users can quickly find content!

Martin Vowles

How I bond with my children: my experience as a Dad

EasyPeasy's Senior Product Designer - Martin talks candidly about his experiences as a Dad and how he bonds with his children by engaging in their education and learning.

Steph Coleman

Unlock The Power Of Play With New Think Equal And EasyPeasy Activities

Think Equal and EasyPeasy have come together to deliver playful social and emotional activities suitable for children aged 2-6yrs old.

Jen Lexmond

UK Social Enterprise Launches The ‘EasyPeasy’ Parenting App In Australia

As pressure on parents continues through the Covid 19 pandemic and lockdowns, the EasyPeasy app responds to the need for rapid innovation to help support family wellbeing and children’s healthy development.

Steph Coleman

Spotlight Stories: Midwife On Tap partner with EasyPeasy!

Midwife On Tap join us for our first Instagram Q&A. Anne and Madou answer newborn parenting questions, and talk about the tips they've created on our app!

Alex O'Donoghue

How To Stay Sane When You're Sleep Deprived

In your baby’s first year your own sleep goes out the window. Read our eleven tips for self-support.