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Spotlight Stories: 5 Amazing Parents Share How They Are Using EasyPeasy

We invited parents to share their experiences and tales of using the app and let us know how it helped them through the challenges of the recent months.

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Rachel Carey

Ten Ideas to Keep Your Child Learning Through Play At Home

Mum of 2, Rachel Carey shares her top 10 tried and tested home play area ideas for your little ones to play at home independently.

Steph Coleman

EasyPeasy Launches To Help Parents Cope During The Crucial Early Years

As the Duchess of Cambridge reveals a dramatic increase in loneliness amongst parents resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, EasyPeasy offers a helping hand to all parents through its early years development app

Charlotte Grainger

Boosting your little one's development through ordinary routines

Boosting your little one’s development doesn’t have to take a massive overhaul on your part. Instead, you can help them through ordinary routines.

Rachel Carey

My child won’t sleep through the night - am I doing something wrong?

Our resident Occupational Therapist - Rachel Carey shares some of the theory behind sleep, and how she managed those particularly sleep deprived years.

Sophie Pickles

Genius parents! Our favourite tips and secrets from parents of kids under 5

Parents are busy. Very busy. We can read all the best articles, but sometimes it's hard to apply when real life hits! Read what our parents have to say.

Rachel Carey

My Toddler Is A Nightmare! What Do I Do?!

When our toddler acts out, we often blame ourselves. Should we? Or can we understand our little ones and do what they (and us) need to lead a joyful life?

Alex O'Donoghue

12 Autumn activities your children will love!

As we move into lockdown 2.0 many parents are scrambling for fun ideas - we've got you covered!

Sophie Pickles

Supporting Your Preschooler Through Change

From a new sibling to the ‘new normal’ we’ve got you covered

Steph Coleman

Lockdown Part 2 - The EasyPeasy Parent Toolkit

As we head into another lockdown, we've put together a parent toolkit to support you and your little ones at home