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Easily find content that’s relevant to you on the EasyPeasy app

We’ve been working on designing and building a useful ‘search’ feature into the app to make sure that our users can quickly find content!

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Sophie Pickles

Handling Lockdown Toddler Tantrums: Seven Top Parenting Tips

The tantrum phase is tough - we've rounded up seven tips to help you cope successfully.

Rachel Carey

Want To Help Your Preschooler With Big Feelings? Try A Coping Jar

OT Rachel Carey talks us through the wisdom of a coping jar in teaching your child to manage their feelings.

Charlotte Grainger

Ten Parenting Tips to Help Your Baby Crawl!

From tummy time to neck strength, try our easy ideas to support your baby’s development through crawling

Sophie Pickles

11 Fun Activities For Parents And Babies Stuck Indoors This Winter

Our parent coach Sophie shares her top ideas on keeping your baby’s development on track this lockdown!

Alex O'Donoghue

Eight Calming Tips For Fuss-Free Toddler Bedtimes

From mindfulness to book ideas, try our top 8 tips to take the battles out of bedtime

Alex O'Donoghue

12 Parenting Tips To Keep Your Sanity This Lockdown

Exhausted with lockdown parenting? Try our wellbeing tips to keep your strength up in 2021

Alex O'Donoghue

The Lockdown Parenting Resources We Love Most

From parenting tips to rainy day games, we've gathered the latest fresh resources to support pandemic parents.

Alex Matthews

What To Do When Your Pre-schooler Won't Sleep

Every parent knows it. As your toddler grows into a pre-schooler, sleep issues can rear their heads. Here's EasyPeasy's parenting tips!

Charlotte Grainger

Cooking With Your Pre-schooler? Try Our Five Festive Ideas!

Cooking with your little one is a wonderful sensory learning experience, and a special way to bond.

Sophie Pickles

Seven Signs You’re Winning At Parenting

How to spot when you're acing parenting your toddler or pre-schooler!