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The Top EasyPeasy Content of 2023

One thing we can say for certain is that 2023 has been nothing short of spectacular for our EasyPeasy community! In 2023, our platform has thrived on the incredible activities and tips posted by parents like yourself. As we reflect on the year gone by, let's dive into some of the content that has resonated the most with our community.

Most viewed content in 2023

Places to play - Rainbow soft play & cafe by MellisaEncourage soft play content. Picture of a baby with sunglasses on with many smaller pictures of the child enjoying the play area and ball pit.

Mellisa hosts one of the EasyPeasy Parent Meetup groups, Modern Day Mothers,  who create safe and comfortable child friendly environments in London for mums to connect, and share tips. After meeting at Rainbow soft play, Mellisa created this post to talk about how children’s soft play areas provide an ideal space for little ones to exercise while playing, fostering the development of problem-solving, gross motor, and fine motor skills. Beyond physical activity, these spaces encourage independence, allowing children to socialise and have fun while parents can observe from the sidelines, creating a well-rounded experience for everyone!  Check out Mellisa's post here.

Most liked content in 2023

Mess-free painting by LEGO
The EasyPEasy app showing the Mess-Free painting content. A piece of paper with paint splatters is being held up by two hands

We've all been there, eager to engage our little ones in the world of artistic creativity, only to find ourselves knee-deep in paint and chaos. That’s why our most viewed content of the year brings you the genius of mess-free painting using LEGO. With just an empty box and a piece of paper, this simple activity not only keeps the mess to an absolute minimum, but also aids in fine motor skill development and self-regulation. Try it for yourself!

Most Favourited Content in 2023

Mess-free Sensory Activity by Jordsflynn
Mess free sensory activity by JordsFlynn. Showing a toddler patting on different bags filled with colourful stones and glitter

It doesn’t surprise me that “mess free” activities are among the most popular! In this activity, Jordan Flynn shares a simple sensory activity for babies and toddlers. All you need is a zip lock bag, hair gel, sequins, buttons, and water to keep your child entertained, either at home, or on the move! Discover how to create your own fun sensory bag.

My Personal Favourite EasyPeasy Activity

Listening to Sounds, Stepping Stones by Speech and Language UKA phone showing the Stepping Stones content with a picture of a cartoon elephant

In my opinion,  a good activity on the EasyPeasy app is one that can capture the imagination of children while requiring little set-up or equipment from parents.  One of my personal favourite activities is Listening to Sounds, Stepping Stones by Speech and Language UK, where you cut out footprints with paper or card, then lay them out on the floor in a trail. Your child then needs to listen out for your command or noise you make using musical toys. Once your child hears the noise, they can move a step forward. The best part about his activity is that there are many variations on how to play and it can help your child develop skills in concentration and following rules. Start the fun with this activity!

Most Viewed content of all time

Super Silly Toothbrush by EasyPeasyPhone showing Super Silly Toothbrush content of a cartoon bear brushing their teeth and face with a toothbrush

Super silly toothbrush still leads as the top viewed content of all time on the EasyPeasy app, and it makes sense: brushing children's teeth can be a tricky time for parents! Super Silly Toothbrush is a great activity that turns teeth brushing into a game for you and your child. Why not give it a try, and let us know how it went for your child?

Try posting your own content!

As you can see with many of our most popular pieces of content this year, the EasyPeasy app isn't just a platform for consuming content, you can also create your own tips or activities to share! One of our popular EasyPeasy community members, Mummy Pickles, has created this helpful video demonstrating how to use the Create feature on the app to share your own tips and activities.

Thank you to our amazing parent community for making 2023 a year to remember on EasyPeasy!

Download or update the app today to try sharing your own tips and activities!