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Introducing the new EasyPeasy Home Screen!

We’re always working on improving EasyPeasy to make sure it helps provide you with the best inspiration, support, and guidance on your parenting journey, and to make everyday life with your child a little bit easier. Today, I'm really excited to announce EasyPeasy's completely revamped home screen, designed to do just that!

So much of what you have told us is that you're looking for new ideas, whether because - as one of our parents shared with us - your 'brain has turned to mush' after a long day at work but your child needs distracting, or because you need help to tackle a challenge like managing tantrums, or because you're trying to help your child build healthy habits like teeth brushing. Whatever is going on for you right now, one thing you know is that the work of parenting is ever-changing, and you need fresh ideas to match. 

What’s new?
Our new home-screen builds on the best of EasyPeasy's original content feed, but provides you with lots of additional channels to discover the best and most relevant activity ideas, tips and guidance for you and your child. Here’s a rundown of some of the new features you’ll be greeted by in the latest version of the app.

Today’s Activity
Your new home screen features a daily activity selected just for you and your child. Our recommendation engine chooses content that’s right for you based on your child’s age and stage, and the interests and challenges that you’re currently facing and focused on at home, ensuring that you always have helpful and engaging activities to enjoy together. A daily dose of playful, positive interaction is such a powerful way to build your relationship with your child and support their healthy development, so we hope this new feature will provide you with the inspiration and ideas you need to help you get there. 

Of course, even with the best of intentions, we’re all likely to miss a day here and there, so you can easily access the previous day’s content from the new home screen, too. Remember to save activities that worked well for you, or that you want to try in the future, to your Favourites. 

Recommended for You
Just below, you'll find the new 'Recommended for You' carousel that tailors bespoke content suggestions based on your child's age and your chosen topics. With up to six recommendations displayed at once, you're sure to discover delightful activities your child will love. If you miss the old home screen, don’t worry, it’s not gone anywhere! If you select 'See all' in the 'Recommended for You' section, you can see a larger feed of tips, activities and ideas in the same style as the old home screen. Just like before, the feed is generated based on your search history, your child’s age, and the topics you selected during onboarding, or through amending in your profile. 

A phone showing off the Daily content and Recommended for you sections of the EasyPeasy app home screen

Popular Topics
The 'Popular Topics' section showcases our community’s most searched for topics for your child’s age range. This gives you an insight on what other families are playing and posting about. It's a fantastic way to understand the challenges other parents are trying to solve and which activities children the same age as your little one love.

Browse by age 
The home screen provides you with a dedicated space for age-specific parenting tips and activities catered specifically for your child’s age. No matter what developmental stage your child is at, you'll find tailored suggestions to support their growth and learning.

A phone showing off the Popular topics and Tips and Activities for your age rangesections of the EasyPeasy app home screen

Your Favourites
As well as including your favourites in the menu at the bottom of the screen, we've added the 'Your Favourites' section on the home screen. Now, you can easily go through your recently saved favourite activities and resources on the home screen as well as navigating to the favourites tab to see your full list. Now you’ll have even faster access to you and your child’s favourite activities! 

Recently viewed 
The new home screen offers a 'Recently Viewed' section, allowing you to scroll through your content viewing history effortlessly. It's a handy feature to ensure you never miss out on a great activity.

A phone showing off the Recently viewed and Your Favourites sections of the EasyPeasy app home screen
With these new additions to the home screen, we hope EasyPeasy becomes an even quicker and easier source of inspiration, fun and positive developments for you and your child. 

Download or update the app today to try the new home screen out for yourself!