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Additional Support for Multiple Languages on EasyPeasy

Will Barritt

Written by Will Barritt

2 min read

In response to feedback from early years practitioners and local authorities, we are excited to announce a new feature in the EasyPeasy app to support more enhanced language translation for our diverse community of users. 

In our work with local authorities and early years practitioners across the UK, we continually discover new and innovative ways to support a diverse range of families; specifically those who are hard to reach. One of the ways we do this is by providing practitioners and parents with the tools they need to improve the home learning environment. 

With this exciting app upgrade, we aim to make EasyPeasy more accessible and inclusive for families and caregivers within our local communities who may prefer to use the app in languages other than English.

Language phone

Until now, EasyPeasy has adapted to a device’s default settings to present the app in over 100 languages through basic translation. With the rollout of this new feature, users gain more control over their language preferences right from the registration process.  

  • Upon signing up, users are presented with a "choose a language" link on the registration page, allowing them to select their preferred language seamlessly.
  • An option is available for existing users wishing to switch languages in the profile menu labelled "choose a language."
  • Users can change a language as many times as they want in the app, providing an easy way for practitioners to demonstrate EasyPeasy to someone who speaks another language. 

On top of the 100+ languages where basic translation is already available in the EasyPeasy app, the following languages are now supported with enhanced translation:

  • Arabic       
  • Bengali                   
  • French        
  • Gujarati        
  • Italian        
  • Polish        
  • Portuguese        
  • Punjabi        
  • Romanian        
  • Spanish        
  • Urdu 

This update represents a step forward in fostering inclusivity within the EasyPeasy community. By expanding language options and functionality, the app ensures that all users, regardless of their preferred language, can engage with content, connect with other parents, and access expert advice when they need it. 

Download the EasyPeasy app and get started today. You can also engage with us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter - we would love to hear from you! 

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