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Introducing EasyPeasy for Practitioners

In response to valuable feedback from early years practitioners and local authorities, we are excited to announce a new EasyPeasy experience specifically for practitioners - available now!

In every interaction we have with early years practitioners across the UK, including nursery room leaders, health visitors and early years teaching staff, we learn about new and exciting ways practitioners are using EasyPeasy to help support children and parents in their settings. To help you in your important work, we are making it easier to use EasyPeasy in your professional settings and receive coaching and tips that are tailored specifically to your needs as an early years practitioner. 

Ready to get started? Follow the 4 simple steps below!

EasyPeasy for Practitioners

Step 1: Set up your new EasyPeasy for Practitioners profile
When you first jump into the EasyPeasy app, there is now a new section that says “Are you a practitioner? Join here!” Click this to start creating a profile. Simply register your profile by inputting an email and password for your account. If you already have an EasyPeasy profile set up on your email, you can create an EasyPeasy for Practitioners profile for your setting itself. You can choose to create one for yourself or your setting, whichever you would prefer to share content from. 

Step 2: More information and your local authority
Input your name, username (the name people will search for in the app), and your local authority. Not sure if EasyPeasy is already freely available within your local area through a partnership with your local authority? Get in touch with us and we can let you know

Next, select the age ranges of the children that you work with to get recommended relevant content for all children in your setting. You can select as many age ranges as you need and change them at any point in your profile settings. 

Phones modelling the registration process for EasyPeasy for practitioners

Step 3: Start posting and sharing tips
Now that your account is set up, you can post activities and tips from yourself or your team straight from your new EasyPeasy account! You can also easily share your profile with parents directly so that they can see all of the different posts and tips you’ve created. If you need any help creating tips, one of our parents has created this helpful video walking you through the steps! 

Step 4: Get the most out of EasyPeasy with our simple examples
Once you’re onboard, you’ll receive emails from our friendly team on how to make the most of the app, along with tips and examples on how to effectively use, recommend and share EasyPeasy in your setting. We’ll also provide use cases of how other practitioners are using EasyPeasy to engage with their local families and communities.

We are so excited for you to become a valuable part of the EasyPeasy community and help parents in your local area by sharing expert tips and activity ideas through your brand-new practitioner profile! Download the EasyPeasy app and get started today. You can also engage with us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter - we would love to hear from you! 

Download or update the app today to try EasyPeasy for Practitioners!