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EasyPeasy is FREE for all families!

Steph Coleman

Written by Steph Coleman

2 min read

As Coronavirus changes working, caring, and education patterns across the country, we are increasingly aware of the added strain that families, schools, and childcare centres are under.

As a home learning platform, EasyPeasy is on hand to support parents and early years educators during this unique time in a number of ways, from helping to alleviate pressure on parents, to keeping teachers and families connected digitally during potentially prolonged school closures. 

From now, until 31st May 2020, we’re making EasyPeasy completely free so you can share EasyPeasy with parents and families in your community and reduce interruption and learning delays during any prolonged closures. 

What does our FREE offer include? 

Practitioners can sign up for a free EasyPeasy account, and you can invite your nursery and reception provider to receive unlimited access to our evidence-based game content. All of our activities are easily played at home, don’t require any expensive props and provide the necessary EYFS alignment to ensure little ones are having fun while continuing to develop key skills. 

Practitioners will be able to use their admin dashboards to connect with parents via the comment functionality. Sharing encouragement and keeping in touch with parents at this time can be really reassuring and positive.

This offer starts now, until 31st May. Once the free period has come to a close, practitioners can continue to support their parents at the usual price of £9.99 per parent, for a year's access.

How do I sign up to EasyPeasy?

Sign up for your free practitioner account here

Once you’ve signed up, you can invite parents via text messages through an online dashboard. Parents are guided to incorporate playful learning opportunities into everyday moments at home, relieving stress within the family dynamic at this time of significant pressure:

  1. Create an EasyPeasy ‘Pod’ for setting, choosing either our Explorers (two & three-year-olds) or Adventurers (four & five-year-olds) programme. You can set up both programmes, you just need to select ‘create a new pod’ once your initial programme is set up.

  2. Parents receive a text message invitation to join and receive a programme of activities, games, and tips

  3. Parents and staff can interact through the Pod’s closed digital forum

Download now!