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Toolkits and resources to share with parents

Alex O'Donoghue

Written by Alex O'Donoghue

3 min read

The early years education community has some new arrivals. From tech entreprenurs to authors-turned-online-teachers, we’ve been struck by the generosity of people and organisations in this challenging time.

We also love the work being done by the early years education community, who are seeing the opportunity for learning as a sector and taking challenges as possibilities.

We’ve created a shortlist of our favourites - feel free to share with your parent community or on your early years website!

We've been inspired by the speed of European edtech venture capital fund Brighteye Ventures in creating their distance learning toolkit for children. They have over 65 brilliant resources pulled together in a handy (downloadable) PDF.

Promise is a nonprofit venture studio supporting the growth of social entrepreneurs in the early childhood development space. They've created a rich online space with resources, tools, and guidance for anyone supporting young children during the pandemic.

We found even more support on their (searchable, exportable) list of go-to ECD ventures with different resource offerings.

The National Literacy Trust have done a wonderful job of bringing different ideas and tools in an easy-to-use space. We love their accessible library of resources for children aged 0-4. They have helpfully split this into 4 sections: fun things to make and do, things to listen and watch, recommended apps and useful websites.

The Parenting for Lifelong Health project is working with (amongst others) the World Health Organisation to share inclusive and open-access online parenting resources. We love their empathetic and clear Covid-19 parenting tips, shared through downloadable one-page graphics. These are available in 39 languages.

UNICEF has brought together an impressive amount of information for parents and families in one dedicated COVID-19 portal. We love their 'what you need to know about the virus to protect you and your family' page.

The EIF champions and supports the use of effective early intervention to improve the lives of children. We are impressed with their latest blog - 'what works when early intervention goes virtual?'

This is also a call for local partners to work with them on evaluating virtual interventions or delivery methods.

This national mental health support hub - under its Mentally Healthy Schools programme - has published valuable resources for families to strengthen mental wellness. Its downloadable tools are packed with straightforward guidance and signposting to other excellent organisations for help.

While you're here!

We’re super excited to have launched our new IOS app - it’s ready for download! Our app is full of ideas to help parents in meltdown moments or hacks to bring the play back to brushing teeth, getting dressed and more. 

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