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Let's play! Free offer for all parents and practitioners.

Steph Coleman

Written by Steph Coleman

3 min read

We've extended free access to our play platform.

Children playing with a brown teddy bear on the stairs at home

We're thrilled to share that our games will remain free into June. There has been an overwhelming response to EasyPeasy opening up its play platform in March - over 8000 new parent heroes have joined our community! Because of this, we've chatted with our wonderful friends and partners at the LEGO Group and LEGO FoundationBig Change and the Lightbulb Trust.  Like us, they know the challenges all parents are facing in this new normal.  Constantly coming up with new and beneficial  play ideas while juggling lockdown work and life is not easy! Our partners support is enabling us to keep our digital platform free.

Games that don't break the bank

We think it should be easy to enrich your child's life without depleting yours!  Our games are designed to be inexpensive or free to play with your child at home or out. Playing a game like "Eyes Closed Copycat" is fun for all the family and doesn't involve anything other than you and them! Have some Lego to hand? Play our game called "Tower Race"! Or tackle problem solving with your kids and do our revamped version of pass-the-parcel.

Early years educators - let EasyPeasy support your families!

Our early years practitioners can stay better connected with and support parents through our platform. We've made signing up parents to EasyPeasy home learning and play super simple. Register your setting or nursery on our website and we'll send you an invite code to share with your parent community. Parents can sign up even more quickly and receive games bespoke to age and stage, and receive comments and encouragement from you! 

Tailored ideas for your child's age and stage 

You'll see our game recommendations are bespoke to your child's age and stage and are underpinned by the learning milestones your child is reaching. Whether you're wanting to bond with your little one share a big smile, you'll have a bank of ideas to hand.  Importantly - they're fun!

Accessing our app is child's play

Like our name, we don't believe in over-complicating life. And we don't want parents to be excluded if they don't own the right type of device. Simply register your details on our website and you'll receive the link to all our games and activites. If you're a practitioner, you'll be guided through our quick steps and set up on no time. Come and join our world of play!

Take me to EasyPeasy  

EasyPeasy peas illustration on a graphic promoting free parents and practitioners access up to 30th June 2020