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July podcast: boost your child's confidence through housework!

Steph Coleman

Written by Steph Coleman

3 min read

Hello listeners! We’re back on the virtual sofa to bring you the latest #staffroomsteph podcast!  This month, we sat down and had a fascinating chat with Shiri Atsmon, the Founder & CEO of Helpful Kids.

Shiri spoke to EasyPeasy about why and how we should get our little ones helping out around the house. We were amazed at the positive impact household chores for kids can bring about, from confidence, better teamwork and increased sense of membership in the family unit.  Sounds too good to be true?! We thought so too, until Shiri broke it down for us and now we’re converts! 

EasyPeasy peas and logo and Helpful Kids LogoThis is a perfect parenting podcast, and Shiri shares plenty of top tips, benefits and ways to rethink children’s responsibility in the home. We also discussed the importance of age- appropriate chores and discuss what some of these might be.

We also welcomed EasyPeasy’s resident parent content whizz Alex O’Donoghue to the conversation! Alex is the mastermind behind all our everyday parenting content, blogs and social media. It’s always great to have other members of our team join conversations with parenting experts like Shiri. 

Finally, we’re excited to share that the new EasyPeasy parenting app is here! We think everyday life is the perfect 'school' for young children and that ordinary routines, like bathtime or cleaning teeth, can be both developmental and fun! Our app is bursting with tips and playful ideas to share with your family!

OK, onto the podcast! Grab a cup of tea and enjoy the inspiring wisdom from Helpful Kids!

How to access the podcast

Simply click on the button below to tune in! You don’t have to do anything else - no downloads, no registration. 


More about Helpful Kids and Shiri Atsmon 

Shiri is a multi-talented researcher who specialises in behaviour change and good habit formation. Her career and expertise inspired and informed her approach to founding Helpful Kids, which is designed to show parents how to get children willing and able to share tidying up and household chores - while having fun! 

EasyPeasy is very proud to partner with Helpful Kids to host its wonderful content on the new EasyPeasy App and show parents how to work with their little ones! These ideas boost a child’s confidence and strengthen family bonds, while promoting sustainable habits in the home. Stay tuned for more information on when you can access the Helpful Kids new featured content!

Details and photo of Shiri Atsmon from Helpful Kids

Extra resources for parents  

Shiri referred us to a number of fascinating studies and research articles in this podcast episode. We’ve shared these here for our listeners to enjoy!

Julie Lythcott Haims' Ted Talk (former Dean of Students at Stanford University) 

How to Raise an Adult - By Julie Lythcott Haims

Harvard Grant Study (look under grant study) as well as the 2nd generation study 


The "The Helper" study

While you’re here

We’re super excited to have launched the new EasyPeasy parenting app which you can now download! The app is designed by parenting experts and is full of tips and play activities to boost your child’s development and inspire you!

Whether you need ideas to help you in meltdown moments or hacks to bring the play back to brushing teeth or getting dressed - we’ve got you covered. If you’re a new mum check out the wonderful content developed by NCT.  A parent of toddlers? Scouts have tons of great activities for you to play together (and tackle tantrums with style!)

Join our community today! 

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