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EasyPeasy wins Best Resource for Parents & Home Learning Bett Award

Andy Russell

Written by Andy Russell

3 min read

Photo of Jen Lexmond from EasyPeasy collecting the 2020 Bett Award for Best Resource for Parents & Home Learning from actress Sally Phillips

This week EasyPeasy won our second Bett Award. In 2019 we received the award for Best Early Years Content and this year we won for Best Resource for Parents and Home Learning. The combination of these two awards sums up what we’re all about - a focus on the importance of the early years for human development and supporting parents to give their children the best start in life.

Everyone’s learning starts at home and parents and carers are children’s first teachers. This means that by the time children get to school, many of the skills they need to be successful have been developed, not through formal learning, but through everyday moments and interactions with their family and peers. Skills like self-regulation, concentration, focus and grit, are the skills that provide a brilliant foundation for success in later life. 

Although EasyPeasy is led by evidence on the role that parents and carers play to create positive environments that help children learn and develop, our goal has always been to give parents confidence, inspiration and playful practical ideas rather than just academic advice.

We have come a long way in proving that home learning can be as joyful as it is educational. Resources for parents and carers don’t have to be dry or complicated - they can and should be as playful, engaging and fun as families naturally are.

We’re proud to have received this award, not only as a celebration of our work with families but because it is an amazing recognition for EasyPeasy’s playful and joyful approach to home learning. This award also signifies the growing recognition of parents as the most important factor in shaping children's future. 

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