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Another Winter Rainy Day In Lockdown? Try These 7 Indoor Play Ideas!

Alex O'Donoghue

Written by Alex O'Donoghue

8 min read

January has blurred into February and most of us have lost our mojo with kid friendly play ideas for indoor afternoons. As the Beast from the East arrives, EasyPeasy is here to support you when you're at your lowest energy ebb! 

7 Family Play Ideas (When You're Out Of Ideas)

Child with camera taking lockdown pictures

1. Give Your Preschooler Your Phone 

Nope, it's not what you think (and probably already do). We've been super inspired by some beautiful, touching projects parents have created through their children in lockdown.

Simply give your tech-savvy little one your phone camera, and ask them to take photos of their day, or the next hour. Give them ideas, such as choosing certain colours, shapes or activites they love doing. You'll be surprised at the beauty of the results.

Seeing lockdown life from your child's perspective is quite an eye-opener.

To be fair, it might only last all of a lockdown minute, but the memories are timeless and the insight your child's perspective gives you might get you a little teary!

2. Make a rain catcher 

Child splashing in the puddles with wellington boots

There are too many skills your child will learn here to list! We absolutely love this idea on how to make a rain catcher with your little ones (or ask your other half to do it instead).

3. Make paper snowflakes (and boost your child's sensory skills)

Photo of a toddler cutting paper at home (twitter)

Paper snowflakes are a great way to practice scissor skills and create what your children are seeing outdoors, indoors! Once you're done, ask your child to decorate the house with their creations. Our favourite activity tip for this is here

4. Create a rain (or snow) shelter

This idea requires you all to dress pretty warmly! Take your kids outdoors and ask them: "How can we go for a walk and stay dry?" or "Where can you take shelter from the rain? Is it safer under a bush or a tree or in the open?"

As adults, this is pretty obvious, but for our children, it's a huge outdoor adventure. If that's not your thing, build a a waterproof den inside, pretend it's raining and draw/cut out rain or snow drops with your family!

5. Rescue the toy from the ice!

Another great sensory activity for kids. The possibilities are endless with  ice breakers toy rescue games, which also give you a moment for a cup of tea. Combining science with snow, preschoolers will love the chance to rescue their favourite toys from their frozen blocks! Try this idea.

6. 'Bake' a microwave mug cake with your preschooler

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Which often include sugar! While we don't endorse stuffing your child (or yourself) with unhealthy food, this mug recipe cake is just too much fun not to do.

The house smells amazing, the family gets a treat and your little ones learn a whole lot about maths, measurement and sensory exploration. Time to cook! Our favourite recipe is here.

7. Make a solar system

We love this idea from mum Rachel. 

Get a big white piece of paper or cardboard and tape it to the floor. Get some space books out or look online at space pictures. Talk about stars, the sun and planets together. Collect some household bits and bobs and decorations and create a solar system or night sky using  cardboard, crayons, scissors and glue stick.


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